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Plant Design & Maintenance Based in New York, New York

Dwarf Schefflera, a Medium Light Plant-Plant Design and Maintenance in New York, NY
Beautify your home or work space with our one-of-a-kind plant program. Austin Noto Plants, Inc. in New York, New York, offers plant design and maintenance for interiors and exteriors.
Plant Planning
Make your home or office come alive with the plants we provide. Work with us to plan the best space and lighting conditions, choose your plants, and place them in the ideal arrangement for them to thrive.

You can even schedule our weekly maintenance program for your plants. You get the beauty and benefits, and we do all the work.
30 Years in the Business
In three decades of serving the New York area, we have provided plants for areas ranging from gardens and offices to outdoor terraces and entire buildings. Just like our plants, each of our customers is unique, and we work with them according to their specific needs.
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